Man Dressed As Barbie In Toilet Sex Attack

California might be all sunny and swell, but if there’s men dressed as Barbie trying to rape people in toilet cubicles I might give it a miss.

California is an odd place for many reasons; geographically it has both the highest and the lowest points in the US, 1 in 8 Americans live there and it was the birth place of the fortune cookie. I’m not sure if I want to pay a visit though. Anywhere that votes in Arnie as Governor has to be a bit screwy, that’s not the behaviour of a bunch of people who know what day it is.

California is a world of weird and the following bleak tale is further justification to give the place a wide berth. I don’t care how golden your sands are, if this is what’s going on I’ll stick with the pebbles on Brighton beach thanks very much…

We’re in Big Lots department store in San Diego for this ghoulish episode. It truly is the stuff of horror movies. An unnamed woman was gently relieving herself in the bogs of the department store (that’s American for shop) when things took a dark, dark turn.

Unbeknownst to her, a man dressed as Barbie was already awaiting her arrival in the cubicle next door. The woman looked up to see the Barbie man peering down on her from over the divide. That’s bad enough, but things were set to get even worse.


The assailant quickly crawled underneath the dividing wall to join her in her cramped cubicle. He grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall. She went to scream but he covered her mouth with his other hand…

I just told myself, ‘I’d rather die than be raped by this man.

So she decided to fight back, and fight back she did. She managed to escape without injury. The footage from CCTV is pretty chilling; you see the guy walk in initially, then the woman fleeing and him casually getting changed and strolling out:

Californians can sleep easy though – a bloke who lives in his car called Gregory Phillip Schwartz (below) was arrested four days later. I’m still not going to visit California though.

suspect-in-barbie-costume-attacks-woman-in-bathroom Gregory Phillip Schwartz

I’ll leave you with a wistfully ironic twist: Barbie was invented in California. Spooky…


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