Wrong’un Uses Dead Pigeon As Weapon In Fight Outside McDonald’s (VIDEO)

dead pigeon


When it comes to street fights, things can get real dirty, real fast. This is no organised MMA match – no rules apply in the world of drunken scraps.

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This was certainly the case for a couple of lads who got caught up in a fight over in Liverpool this week.

Of course a fellow reveller was on hand to catch the whole thing on video (and to have a good old belly laugh while they were at it).

The footage shows two men go at each other outside of a McDonald’s (classy). At first they throw a few punches while ‘Mambo Number 5’ blasts in the background, before the guy in the t-shirt gets pulled away by his pal.

But just as you think the fight is over, t-shirt dude picks up a dead pigeon and launches it at his opponent. Gross.

You can’t knock the man for his improv skills. It’s one thing to punch your opponent in the face, but it’s another to give them Salmonella. A definite 1-0 to the t-shirt guy.

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