Man Dancing On The Roof Of His Ex-Girlfriend’s House After Lighting It On Fire Is Having The Best Day Ever

This is the most screwed up break-up story EVER.

It wasn’t that long ago we compiled a list of some of the most messed up break-up stories submitted on Reddit, but this guy from Indianapolis just blew them all out of the water with what he’s just done.

25 year old Matthew Russ took his ex-girlfriend’s keys, stole her car and crashed it into a pole. He then pulled up a chair on the driveway and sat there for a minute brandishing a knife. From there he went into the house, started a fire, then jumped onto the roof (still holding the knife) and started dancing like Drake in that video we posted earlier.

Watch below:

A totally stupid and irresponsible thing to go for sure, but also pretty epic in some ways. Plenty of people feel vindictive towards ex-partners but few actually go through with whatever mad shit they dream up as payback. So yeah this guy might have ended up getting tasered, obliterated by the police’s rubber bullets and sent to jail but at least he had a few moments there where he was feeling completely on top of the world. Totally worth it right? Yeah maybe not.

Could’ve been worse – after all we’ve seen videos of people literally setting their cheating boyfriends on fire before.


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