Girlfriend Gets Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend By Literally Setting His Dick On Fire As He Sleeps

As far as revenge stories goes, it doesn’t get much more extreme than this.

The Internet has brought us countless ways in which you can get your own back on a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend — some way more inadvisable than others. This one’s probably on the more extreme end of that scale.

The story goes that the girl recording has recently discovered that her boyfriend hooked up with one of her co-workers. What’s she do about it? Write an angry status outing him on Facebook? Nah, that’s minor league. She went for the “set his balls on fire and turn him into a viral star” approach:

Ouch. Pretty painful just watching that so can’t imagine how it actually felt. There really should be certain rules to every relationship that you just can’t break no matter what your partner’s done to you. Men can’t hit women, and women can’t set men’s dicks on fire. I think that’s a fair deal, isn’t it?

Still, she’s a total sweetheart if you compare her to the woman who cut her husband’s dick off, then tracked him down in the A&E and cut it off again.


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