Man Selling His Testicle To Science For £22,000

Would you, as the saying goes, give your left nut for £22,000? This guy is doing just that.

Mark from Las Vegas has the penny-saving game all figured out – he saves everything he makes on his full-time salary, skips doctors’ bills, doesn’t pay for laundry, gets free check-ups and makes extra cash on the side by participating in medical trials (think flu camp, vaccines). Now he’s about to make the biggest score of his career: $35,000 (£22k) in exchange for one of his testicles.

Mark rues the day that the health commission stepped in and stopped a previous medical trial from going through — one that involved stopping his heart for one minute — which would have netted him $25,000. The same board however has ruled that his balls are his to do with as he pleases.

So would you, as the saying goes, give your left ball bag for £22k? What do you really do with your balls anyway? Play with them when you’re bored? They’re your comfort blanket — when you’re nervous you go to them for comfort. But you know what’s more comforting than holding onto your balls? £22k in the bank.

Not to mention you get an artificial one, which is a grand bonus. As far as anyone will be able to tell, you’re still all man. Cheers for the tip, Mark.

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