Man Builds Home Made Guillotine And Cuts Off Own Hand

This is an insane story about willful self mutilation. Literally jaw dropping stuff. A couple of weeks back a man cut off his own hand. On purpose. Here’s why.

“At first I didn’t think it had worked because I didn’t feel anything – but then I looked down and could see the bone cut through. There was a little flesh and tendons still there so I used a scalpel to remove them, that was the painful bit. I used three bandages and cable ties to contain the blood before scalding the artery”.

Homemade Guillotine - Mark Goddard - wound

“I then texted my wife to call an ambulance and went inside to admit what I’d done. She was horrified. The blood was going everywhere so my wife got a hose out to hose down all the blood and mess. She called the emergency services and the police and ambulance turned up”.

Brave or stupid? Perhaps neither, just incredibly desperate. I hope stuff starts looking up for the guy. Can you imagine how desperate you would have to be to cut off your own hand in your back garden?

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