Trump Supporters Put Man In Chokehold After He Crashed His Car Into Pro-Trump Rally (VIDEO)

America is so screwed.

America is so screwed right now that people are actively trying to kill each other over their political beliefs, and love him or hate him, you have to give Trump a lot of the blame for that for encouraging the left/right divide rather than try to heal it during his time in office.

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Over in Santa Maria, California, this week, 20-year-old Jacob Garza was driving by a small pro-Trump crowd and decided to drive his black BMW right into them.

Bad move, as it turns out:

Well I think that’s a fair enough response, even though it was completely lame of that one guy to say “welcome to MAGA country” as they choked the guy and twisted his arm. I just can’t believe this kid thought it was a good idea to ram his car into these people and think he wasn’t going to pay the price for it one way or another. But I guess that’s how much the political divide has warped people’s minds over in the US.

According to MailOnline, one man suffered a fractured arm and another was taken to hospital for ‘treatment’, so definitely not as horrific an event as it could have been.

According to the MAGA crowd, Garza had thrown a bottle at them from his window before crashing him car into their rally. However, Garza – who has now set up a GoFundMe to cover his $10,000 worth of legal and medical costs – says he ‘was a victim of a hate crime by Trump supporters’.

I was targeted and attacked in the midst of a Trump rally for simply being gay. I was followed and harassed which ultimately led to a multi-car accident while trying to escape. I was dragged, degraded, and assaulted until police arrived on scene.

What a mess. Whatever else Joe Biden does, let’s hope he can at least calm people down on both sides so that we get less idiots obsessing about their political opponents to the point of murderous fantasy. As depressing as the political situation is in the UK, at least we haven’t reached these levels of lunacy… yet.

To watch a high school student try to KO his Trump-supporting classmate, click HERE. It doesn’t quite go to plan.


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