A Man Complaining Of Extreme Farting Has Had An 18 Metre Tapeworm Removed From His Butt


Ever met anyone who just can’t stop farting to the point that it’s not only offensive but also difficult to be around them because they stink so much?

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I’m sure we all know someone with those kinds of flatulence problems, but spare a minute for them because it might not actually be their fault – it could actually be the problem of the 18 metre tapeworm living inside their guts. This is the horrific reality that was confronted with one 67 year old man over in Thailand after he ate raw beef and began to complain of ‘extreme farting’ and stomach pains.

Doctors were quickly able to determine that a tapeworm to blame after a stool sample revealed 28 eggs inside it and they gave him some deworming medicine that killed it overnight. The next morning he literally oozed the worm out of butt and doctors were staggered to discover how long it was, clocking in at over 18 metres. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it., but even worse seeing it laid out like that. Repulsive.

Dr Schawanya Rattanapitoon said the following about the worm:

Transmission is caused by eating raw beef. These parasites can live in humans for more than 30 years.

However, currently, they do not survive very long because better medication is available. But this tapeworm was very long.

According to past information, it is the longest that has been seen in Thailand for 50 years.

We have suggested that the patient’s family also have medical tests to find out whether they had parasites as they are also at risk.

We warned them not to continue consuming raw meat as that is one of the main causes of having parasites in the body.

Yeah, if ever there’s an advertisement for not eating raw meat, then an 18 metre long tapeworm in your butt is probably going to be it. Not that I ever was going to before, but now I’m 100% never ever going to do that. No way.

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