Man Nearly Chokes His Friend To Death Because He Wouldn’t Stop Singing Christmas Carols In March


Everyone knows that singing Christmas songs outside of December is an absolute dick move, but is it worth killing someone over?

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Clayton Lucas, 25, was arrested this week in Pennsylvania for literally choking the driver of the vehicle he was riding in because he wouldn’t stop belting out Christmas bangers.

Clayton was charged with aggravated assault and taken to jail after another motorist saw the fight taking place in the front seat just before a nearby exit ramp.

When a police officer arrived the two men were outside the vehicle, and the victim told him he had been singing Christmas carols and Clayton strangled him to make him stop.

The victim’s neck was red and his eyes were bloodshot, and he told the officer that Clayton restricted the air and blood from around his neck until he nearly passed out.

As if he wasn’t in enough trouble already, Clayton then resisted arrest and the cop had to sweep him to the ground to get him handcuffed. Oh Clayton.

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Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas songs just as much as everybody else, but what makes them special is that you only hear them during that festive period one month out of the year. It helps everyone deal with the freezing cold weather and the fact that we have to go back to work/school after the holidays.

So by singing Christmas songs in March, Clayton’s mate was basically reminding him of how far removed we really are from Christmas. Worth strangling him over? Probably not. But you can sort of understand it.

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