VIDEO: Aussie Rules Football Player Tries To Choke His Opponent To Death

Is choking someone to death in the middle of the field legal in rugby?

Here’s some crazy footage of Hawk defender Brian Lake trying to choke North Melbourne forward Drew Petrie as Petrie tries clawing at his face to get free. Amazingly, Petrie apologised for his attempted escape methods afterwards:

I wanted to grab him in some part of his body and I grabbed his face. I didn’t mean to gouge or scratch him. If it was my doing putting the scratch on his face, I didn’t mean to scratch him. I’m not a scratcher or a gouger, or anything like that. But I was just engaged in a bit of a wrestle and just grabbed something because he had hold of me as well.

Erm mate, he was trying to strangle you to death in the middle of the field. I don’t think anyone’s holding it against you for scratching/gouging his face up a little bit.

Lake picked up a 4-week ban.

Watch below:


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