Man Caught Giving Girlfriend Oral Sex In The Middle Of McDonald’s Was ‘Lovin’ It’

Sleaze burger.

What’s the best way to spruce up a visit to Maccy D’s with the missus? Sneak your way under the table and have a taste of her milkshake to wash down that cheeseburger, that’s how.

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30-year-old Conrad Jablecki and his as yet unnamed girlfriend have been charged with indecent exposure and open lewdness after an employee chased them out of the restaurant and reported the incident to police.


Conrad actually has several prior convictions for exposing himself, so this is nothing new for him.

He and his girlfriend were booted out of the McDonald’s in York, Pennsylvania after staff noticed him underneath the table and between her legs at 1:11pm.


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Bit weird to be engaging in that activity at 1pm in the middle of McDonald’s but overall, can’t say I hate the move. Eating lunch and going down at each other at the same time sounds like some pro multi-tasking to be fair. Although next time maybe they’ll be more selective on the time and place.

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