A Man Broke His Penis After His Son Accidentally Jumped On His Erection (NSFW PICTURE)

Broke Dick


Normally when you hear about people breaking their dicks then it’s because they were having sex and something went wrong, but this story is a whole different set of unfortunate circumstances. And man does it look painful.

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Apparently some 36 year old man had taken a bunch of viagra and it had worked too well – he had an erection for two days and despite masturbating furiously he simply couldn’t get his dick to go limp again. He eventually resigned himself to this condition though and tried to go to sleep, but this was when the danger happened.

Early the next morning, his son came into his room to try and wake him up by bouncing on the bed, but unfortunately ended up landing on his dick and breaking it in half. And I mean breaking it in half – check out the photograph below for one of the rankest things you’ll ever see. Definitely not for the squeamish so don’t scroll down if that applies to you:

Broke Dick

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Yeowch. How does a kid falling on your dick even do that? I mean I can kinda see how but it still seems like somewhat of a stretch to cause that much damage eh? Can’t really deny it though because it’s right up there for everyone to see.

The guy was able to sort it out though fortunately, with surgery performed on his dick to remove the blood clot and repair the tear. After six weeks of recovery, he was apparently able to sustain a full erection. That’s pretty impressive considering the state of it up there.

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