Man Blows Up House To Get Rid Of Cockroaches; Cockroaches Survive The Blast

How are you supposed to kill these things?

If there’s one thing in the world that everyone agrees on, it’s that cockroaches are absolute scum. They’re worse than traffic wardens, worse than terrorists, worse than this guy who was caught having sex with his girlfriend’s dog.

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They’re so bad one man took next level drastic action to get rid of them — he blew his own house up.

Well, to be fair, it wasn’t 100% intentional. The man over in Asbury Park, New Jersey, doused his entire home in cockroach spray hoping it would send the little fuckers scurrying.

Except he over-did the spray a little bit and the build up of fumes from the household insecticide led to an explosion which tore apart the entire house.

The messed up thing is that the cockroaches were still there after the blast.

Garrett M. Giberson, ithe city’s code enforcement officer, explains:

The unit was infested with roaches. When I got on scene I saw numerous roaches crawling throughout the apartment.

He explained how the occupant began experiencing a headache and opened a window after spraying the insecticide.

You had the chemical, you had the oxygen and you had the ignition source.

The tenants are lucky because they could have been seriously injured. There had to be quite a build-up of chemicals and fumes from the bug killer to cause an explosion like that.


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It’s just more proof that the sole purpose of a cockroach’s life is to fuck things up for the rest of us. The worst part is that they outright refuse to die, even when you blow them up. Even if this guy blew up the remains of his blown up house, they still would have survived. You just can’t win.

That’s why it’s such a big deal with you get a confirmed cockroach kill, as these American students showed us last year.


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