Girl Figures Out Her Boyfriend Was Having Sex With Her Dog After It Kept Hiding From Him

Jesus Gutierrez


This girlfriend went Sherlock Holmes on her boyfriend’s ass recently after she realised her Maltese dog was acting weird around him. After she grew suspicious she decided to set up a camera, which caught 39-year-old Jesus Gutierrez having sex with her pet, Princess. Shocker.

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The 43-year-old said she started speculating when she noticed the dog was hiding in odd spots in their New York house. She said:

She never hides. I had a feeling there was something going on in my house.

So she cleverly decided to set up the camera, which caught him going at it with the dog. Bet she wasn’t expecting that one. As soon as she made the horrific discovery she confronted Jesus and called the police. After being arrested he admitted to sexually abusing the dog:

For his own sexual enjoyment.

Maltese dog

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Why didn’t he just have sex with his girlfriend instead? Much easier. She has actually been pretty understanding about the whole thing, as she said:

To be honest, he’s not a bad guy.

He’s probably been doing this a long time, since he was little. He needs help.

Wow, I would not be quite so forgiving if I caught my boyfriend having sex with my dog. In case you were wondering, the dog has some bruises but overall she is OK and will make a full recovery.

At least the woman didn’t have two dogs, or she might have found them caught up in some sort of three way action.


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