American Students Made A Tribute To A Dead Cockroach As No One Cleared It Up

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Respect where respect is due.

Cockroaches are literally the worst. They don’t seem to offer a lot to the world, and yet you know they’d be the last thing standing in the event of a Nuclear Armageddon. They’re gross, for sure, but that doesn’t deny them their right to a decent burial, I guess.

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Generally speaking, dead cockroaches just lay about in hot climates until they are cleared away or presumably eaten by some larger predator. Dead cockroaches clearly are not a good vibe. So it’s both funny and dark that students at Texas A & M University embraced a dead one, instead of simply clearing its remains up.

Supposedly, the cockroach — named ‘Rosie’ — had been laying in a stairwell at the university for at least two weeks before the first tribute was laid.

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A professor at Texas A&M University posted to Facebook:

There has been a dead cockroach in the Anthropology building’s stairwell for at least two weeks.. Some enterprising person has now made her a little shrine.

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Then came more paraphernalia: a cigarette, candles, mini trees and a funeral pyre was made for her.

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After two weeks of memorials, Rosie the Roach was finally cremated and everyone was able to start moving on.

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Best memorial we’ve seen since this mock funeral these lads put on for their best mate because he spends all of his time with his girlfriend. Brutal!


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