A Man Beat A Seagull To Death With A Child’s Spade In Front Of Families At The Beach

Not your typical day out at the beach.

We often talk on these pages about how seagulls are major assholes to most of the people visiting the beach at this time of the year, but I don’t think there’s any excuses for how the man in this story decided to get back at one of them.

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The incident took place at Porthgwidden Beach at St Ives on Saturday, where one onlooker is claiming that a seagull was bludgeoned to death with a child’s spade in full view of everyone on the beach. Here’s what the witness said:

We have just witnessed a family throwing Coke cans at a seagull, then as if this wasn’t bad enough, because one was badly injured from the can throwing, one of the men beat it to death with a kids’ spade in front of all of our children and a whole beach full of families.

We then confronted them to state how disgusted we were with their behaviour, to be verbally abused by them.

They then left the beach, leaving behind rubbish, towels and sunscreen.

The police have been called but not much they can do without a name and address.

It was absolutely awful. In my whole life I have never witnessed that kind of violence against an animal.

That does sound pretty brutal doesn’t it? And not exactly the kind of scene you want to see on a nice day out at the beach on the sunniest day of the year. Can kinda understand why they’re narced off.

The witness has reported the family to police but as you can see here has pictures of them and is considering releasing the unburied versions onto the internet to track them down. I definitely think they should do this but we’ll see what happens.

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