Man Attacks Walmart Employee For Denying Him Entry Because The Store Was At Overcapacity (VIDEO)


Thanks to COVID-19, we now have to wait a while outside stores during peak hours so as to manage social distancing and whatnot, and that’s just the way it is for the foreseeable future. No point getting angry about it, right?

Try telling that to this chap over in the States who got so mad about being asked to wait in the queue outside Walmart that he started beating up a Walmart employee who was just doing his job and trying to enforce the rules:

Damn. Imagine being dropped onto the ground, having your hair pulled and getting punched up by some piece of shit just for doing your minimum wage job and asking them to wait in a queue? And (potentially) catching COVID in the process! If companies are going to enforce these rules they really should step up their security to protect employees, though obviously these companies are struggling enough as it is in a post-lockdown world without having to employ more people to manage nut jobs like this guy.

Or maybe this is just the sort of behaviour you can expect outside a Walmart in America. Never see this sort of thing outside IKEA, would you? Although to be fair you might see even worse inside IKEA. Yikes.


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