YouTuber Max Lee Arrested For Breaking Into IKEA And Masturbating

Includes a section where he masturbates on a desk.

Maybe I’m just getting old (OK Boomer), but some of the ‘shenanigans’ that YouTube stars get up to really do irk me because a lot of the time they’re not even funny or anything, so it’s great to hear a story like the one below where they finally get what’s coming to them.

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YouTuber Max Lee thought that it would be really funny to break into an IKEA in Xinzhuang (Sinjhuang) district of Taiwan and film himself running around naked and trying to evade the authorities for 24 hours. There’s even a really weird bit where he sits down at a desk and starts masturbating which really does sum up why I find some YouTubers the actual worst people out there.

Unfortunately for Max though, whilst he did manage to get out of IKEA without being caught, the authorities saw his video and then decided to track him down and charge him with indecent conduct and unlawful entry. Bummer – I suppose that’s the risk you run when you put yourself out there though.

If you wanna see highlights from his stupid ass video then you can check it out below, but I wouldn’t recommend it:

What a joke that was. Apparently Lee has taken the entire video down now as a way of apology and admitted that his father – a famous Taiwanese TV actor – is also really pissed off with him, so maybe that means he’s gonna stop YouTubing now and we’ll have one less of these twats in the world now. Here’s hoping.

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