This Man Was Arrested For ‘Threatening To Blow The Bathroom Up’; Claims He Meant Taking A Poo

Arthur Posey

Gotta be careful with your choice of words partner.

You would think that if someone ran into your restaurant and threatened to drop a bomb in the toilet and blow the place up that their meaning wouldn’t be open to interpretation, but 30 year old Arthur Posey is claiming that he simply meant he wanted to take a poop in there.

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Arthur might wanna work on his delivery there though as it’s landed him in a spot of bother as he ended up being arrested and charged with two counts of communicating false information of planned arson. The staff at Willie’s Chicken Shack on Canal Street in New Orleans on November 13th are claiming that Posey ran in and said the following:

Y’all about to close right now because I’m going to get a bomb and blow this place up.

Willie's Chicken Shack

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I mean that kinda sounds to me like he’s gonna blow the place up, although admittedly it’s kinda puzzling he wants them to close before he does that – surely someone planting a bomb wants to cause the maximum amount of damage and destruction as possible? Anyway, Posey disputes this, saying that it was all a massive case of crossed wires (not like those on a bomb):

It’s a giant misunderstanding. I said I was going to blow the bathroom up – meaning I was going to poop all over the place!

It isn’t really known what Posey did in between making the threat/comment and being picked up by cops in the restaurant next door, but it seems like he didn’t do either of the things he’s claiming he did so I don’t really know what he was thinking. Didn’t seem to have any bomb materials on him either, so I guess because everyone at Willie’s seemed so scared they could only charge him with communicating false information of planned arson. Seems a bit harsh, but I suppose if they were scared enough to think he was actually going to bomb the place then they’ve got a point.

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