This Guy Is Planning To Airdrop 100,000 Copies Of ‘The Interview’ Into North Korea

Not the start to the New Year that Kim Jong-un wanted.

A former North Korean civilian now working as an activist in South Korea has revealed he is planning to drop 100,000 copies of ‘The Interview’ into North Korea by air balloon.

The last time South Korean activists flew something into North Korea (anti-North Korean leaflets), it resulted in the two sides shooting at each other across the border, so activist Park Sang-hak is not only very brave to go ahead with this but doubly so having announced it beforehand.

Sang-hak — who North Korea has tried to assassinate several times already – claims the Human Rights Foundation is financing his operation by producing 1000,000 DVDs and USB sticks containing copies of the film.

Sang-hak says:

North Korea’s absolute leadership will crumble if the idolisation of leader Kim breaks down.

Good luck pal.


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