The Makers Of ‘Hitman’ Are Working On A New James Bond 007 Video Game

Dream team.

Not much to celebrate during 2020, but this news might excite a bunch of the gamers out there as a literal dream collaboration has been announced today as IO Interactive revealed that they would be producing a new James Bond game in the near future.

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Even casual gamers will probably know that IO Interactive are responsible for the highly successful and critically acclaimed ‘Hitman’ franchise – which pretty much plays like a a more sinister version of a James Bond movie anyway – so getting the James Bond licence for them must feel like hitting the jackpot. And this will hopefully translate to everyone  who will have the joy of playing it when it’s released in a couple of years. Should be tight.

Here’s the teaser trailer that was posted today:

Shame it doesn’t really show us much of the game itself, but I guess it’s just in its infancy at the moment and it will be a good while before we see any footage from it or find out what it’s all about. Having said that, they have revealed that it will be an origin story about how James Bond achieved his 007 status which sounds like it could be a lot of fun and will give them a chance to run wild with their imaginations as they’re not tied to any specific movies.

I know people will probably be stoked on this because everyone is thinking about all the fun they had when they were kids paying ‘Goldeneye’ on the N64, but it’s probably worth checking ourselves here and remembering that this will be a very different game to that and probably won’t even be a first person shooter. Almost certainly still gonna be a load of fun though and definitely worth getting amped for considering how good the majority of ‘Hitman’ games were in the past. Just different.

For more of the same, check out the ‘Silo’ level of the 25th anniversary edition of ‘Goldeneye’. Awesome.


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