Here’s The ‘Silo’ Level From The 25th Anniversary Remake Of Goldeneye


Anyone who disputes whether Goldeneye is the best video game of all time or not obviously wasn’t at an age where you would spent literally every weekend with your mates crammed around a really tiny TV trying to annihilate each other with Klobbs and DD44 Dostoveis – it was a time and a place and if you missed out then I honestly feel sorry for you.

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It’s tragic to hear that Goldeneye is going to celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022 (FFS where did the time go) but what’s going to make a lot of people happy is the knowledge that some guy called Yannick Zennhauser out there is working on a port of Goldeneye 64 into the Unreal engine in time to celebrate this properly. We’ve featured this on the site before, but a couple of days ago Yannick was ready to show us a new level in the form of Silo and well, take a look at it yourself because it looks beautiful:

Yeah told you it look spectacular hey? I know we’re all used to open world games now and this is all based inside a silo but even so it looks pretty incredible.

Loving the guys use of the lean option as well in the gameplay, which was honest something I never used that much but looks like it might have been useful given how much this guy is using it. Looks like it’s gonna be kinda challenging as well judging by how many times he got hit too which is always welcome when it comes to games like this.

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