The Makers Of Corona Beer Have Reported A £132 Million Loss Thanks To Coronavirus


Just when you thought it had calmed down, the Coronavirus is back stronger than ever and shaping up to be a worldwide pandemic. Time to get scared.

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Whilst countless people have been affected by the virus – be it having to change holiday plans, becoming infected themselves or ending up quarantined – it might be worth taking some time out to think about the real major losers in this situation: the manufacturers of Corona beer.

Brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev – who are responsible for humongous worldwide brands like Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona – have just released a statement explaining that their quarterly profits are down £132 million thanks to the pesky virus that shares a name with one of their most recognised brands:

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The impact of the Covid-19 virus outbreak on our business continues to evolve.

The outbreak has led to a significant decline in demand in China in both on-premise and in-home channels.

Additionally, demand during the Chinese New Year was lower than in previous years as it coincided with the beginning of this outbreak.

I mean that doesn’t sound too good, but I think they’re drastically underselling the hit that this has had on their profits if they’re only talking about sales of Corona in China? Surely there are way, way more stupid people in the Western hemisphere that would associate Coronavirus with the Corona brand and stop buying it because of that?

If you’re not so sure of that and actually have faith in humanity not being this stupid, then the fact that Google has reported that searches for ‘Corona beer virus’ have increased by 1100% in the last month should put paid to that perspective. Kinda wanna know who was Googling that beforehand as well to be honest as – maybe they knew something we didn’t? More likely they’re just idiots though.

Anyway just in case you’re unsure, there’s no link between Corona beer and the Coronavirus. Maybe stick to Sol for now though if you’re nervous about the situation.

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