Five Simple Tricks That Will Make Your Life Instantly Better

Life is tough. Here are five simple tricks that will make yours better and get all the attention from your friends.

Life’s tough, there’s no doubt about it. We’ve all had those days that feel like a stale piece of bread, but chin up, for we here at Sick Chirpse have collected five simple tricks that will not only make your life easier and a less bumpy road, but will also garner you  all the ‘oooOo’s. Thank us later.



Okay, so you’ve had a long day, you can’t be bothered to drag yourself home and fire a packet of supernoodles in the microwave for dinner so there’s no other option but to go to McDonalds right? Once you get through the fast food loving masses and get your food, you have to get some dip, but those poxy cups they give you are no good for more than 5 chips, so another return trip through the crowds is in order to collect your sweet, sweet ketchup. NOPE.

As this quick video explains, you don’t need to walk all the way back to the ketchup stand, you just need to unfurl the rim (never thought i’d write that in an article) of the cup. BOOM, the rainforest keeps another paper cup and you look like the Stephen Hawking of dips.

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