Man Takes Magic Mushrooms At Comic Con, Texts That Follow Are Priceless…


Could this be the worst place to do magic mushrooms ever?

Everyone knows that if you’re going to do magic mushrooms, you should probably do them in a safe place and not somewhere with lots of people who aren’t on magic mushrooms who aren’t going to appreciate what you’ve done. I say this having done them at a punk rock festival and a work Xmas party, and they were definitely NOT the best environments to do them in, no sir.

But somewhere I think would be about a million times more of a headfuck to do them is San Diego Comic Con.I just don’t think I could handle all those people dressed up as orcs and X Men and Game Of Thrones characters running around being all nerdy even if I wasn’t shrooming, let alone if I was.

Fortunately for me, I don’t have to go through that but I know exactly what it must be like thanks to a guy called Anwar Newton who did the exact same thing but decided to text his girlfriend his thoughts and feelings all the way through it. Why? ‘Because I’m a moron’ Newton said when asked. Sounds about right.

I’m just wondering who the hell Portillo is? Michael Portillo!?! Oh and if you fancy like doing something like this yourself, make sure you check out our handy guide to growing your own magic mushrooms.


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