Magaluf Hotels Create Blacklist To Ban British Tourists From The Whole Of Majorca

The party’s over.

Magaluf is well-known as a tourist hotspot for boozed up Brits to go and get off their tits and have casual sex.

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However, it looks like the residents are sick of this reputation and are now trying to put a stop to it through various regimes. The most recent involves the region’s hotels, which are currently drawing up a blacklist in order to ban badly-behaved British people from all of Majorca’s resorts. Seems pretty extreme, but then I guess the area turns into pure carnage for six months of the year and the locals have had enough.

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The way it works is that tourists who are seen to be drunk in Magaluf will be added to the blacklist when they check out of the hotels, and the list will be shared across a database of hotels.

This is the first time hotels have done this in Majorca, but apparently a similar system was introduced in Malia, Greece this year. The list that is sent out to hotels includes the header ‘notice expelling unlawful clients’ along with the people’s names, passport details and nationality.

Maga hotel

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According to local reports, one of the lists notes nine guests who were chucked out of their accommodation for throwing a bed off the balcony. I can understand why Magaluf doesn’t want them back.

If this list carries on and hotels continue to ban badly-behave tourists, then I reckon they should definitely add these guys who got Madeleine McCann tattoos whilst on holiday there. Not cool at all.


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