Magaluf To Close All Bars And Nightclubs In The Battle Against ‘Cheap, Aggressive, Loutish Tourism’


Adios Amigos.

Magaluf – the popular tourist destination for drunken Brits abroad – has introduced a series of strict new laws to clean up its party reputation, including hotels creating a blacklist to keep offending British tourists out.

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Now it looks like the locals have had enough too and business owners and residents have signed a petition against “anything goes, cheap tourism” on the party island, with some even calling for nightclubs and bars to be shut down.


One such Mallorca business owner called Daniel Asin Perez has urged Brits who visit the island to act “stupidly” to stay away:

I certainly think Mallorca and other parts of Spain like Benidorm or Salou would be better off without them.

The benefits for the club owners and hotels cannot make it up for the damage it causes to the locals.


You can understand why when you see the absolute carnage and destruction that is caused by British tourists over in these areas of the world. Perez added:

Mallorcan hospitals are full over the weekends because of the many Brits that drunk too much last night or took drugs.

More police and emergency services are needed – urban furniture gets damaged, and the area gets devalued.

The petition comes after local authorities this year introduced 64 new laws to clamp down on anti-social behaviour over the busiest months in summer. Idiotic tourists face fines ranging from €100 to €3000 for offences such as drinking from the shower, climbing trees and even walking around shirtless in some places. Meanwhile, bar owners have been told not to serve drinks to anyone who is already visibly drunk and to stop customers from going into the streets with glasses or bottles.

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Sounds like Magaluf and other Spanish “cheap tourism” hotspots have had enough of wasted Brits messing up their home and they’re finally doing something about it. Fair enough – holidaymakers have been ruining that place for years.


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