Madeleine McCann Claimer Says Father Backpedalled When Questioned Over Identity

Another piece of evidence.

Another day, another interview with the woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann after she shacked up in Los Angeles waiting for her DNA results.

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After Dr Phil on Monday night, Julia Wendell was speaking to yesterday when she provided another tidbit of reasoning for her thinking that she was the most famous missing person of all time. This time it was a conversation that she had with her father last summer about whether or not she was adopted:

I think my father is scared.

I asked him last summer if he was her father and he initially replied ‘yes, of course.’

However, as we kept talking said he started to assure me that he would always love me either way.

Why would he say that if he wasn’t hiding something?

My father, I don’t know if you’re watching this… but I always knew that you’re a good person.

I’m almost sure that you’re scared, which is the reason you’re not talking to me now but you’re the only person that didn’t block me and you’re still reading my messages.

You’re my dad. You always were my dad. Don’t be scared. You always said to me that I’m a tiger and I have to fight with people who bullied me in school.

I have to fight with my past … You taught me this. You can be this tiger too.

Well I guess that’s sort of inspirational and maybe her father will come out now and tell the truth? Again though it seems like it’s very circumstantial evidence that can probably be explained away fairly easily. Much like the rest of her so called proof.

Not really buying it myself, but I’m sort of hoping that she does end up being Madeleine McCann because how mad would that be? The bigger question is how many more of these revelations and TV appearances can she fit in before she receives the results of her DNA test? I’m betting quite a few more. Maybe like 10 or something? Big money.

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