This Conspiracy Thread On Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance Is Absolutely Fascinating



The idea that Gerry & Kate McCann know more about their daughter’s disappearance than they let on isn’t exactly a groundbreaking theory, but I didn’t realise just how dodgy the whole situation was until reading this random thread on Twitter.

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Details about the night of Maddie’s disappearance, plus the company her parents were keeping, and a whole load of other suspicious information really makes for a fascinating read.

I’m going to go ahead and copy & paste what ‘sailor v’ (@vasinvain) put together on Twitter for an easier read. Trust me, if you like conspiracy theories you want to check this out:

Madeleine McCann was born on May 12, 2003 in Leicester, England to Gerry and Kate McCann, two upper class physicians.

The McCann family went on vacation, along with seven other adults and their children, to Praia Da Luz, Portugal. The resort in which they were staying was described as a “boring concrete jungle infested with snobbish locals”

The families all stayed in the same apartment complex. It was a three story building with the McCann family staying inn the ground floor room, 5A. Madeleine slept in a bed nearest to the window while her two year old twin siblings slept in travelling cots.

In May 3, 2007 at approximately 8:30 pm Madeleine and her younger siblings were put to bed. The adults left their children in the hotel and went to the resort’s tapas bar 155 feet from the hotel. It was so close that every so often the adults would take turns checking on the kids.

At 9:05 pm, Gerry McCann checked on the children. He noticed the door was open wider than it had been when he left.
At 9:15 pm, Matthew Oldfield checked the McCann apartment and saw the twins sleeping but, did not remember if he saw Madeleine.
This is what he would have seen.

(Matthew is a friend of the McCann’s btw) but when checking the room it was impossible for him not to see Madeleine ‘s bed therefore he would have HAD to see her in order to see the twins sleeping.

At 9:15 pm, a McCann friend named Jane Turner went to check on her own children and witnessed a man walking with a child in his arms.
At 10:00 pm, an Irish family vacationing in the resort saw a man carrying a child on the beach.

At 10:00 pm, Kate McCann went to check on her children. Madeleine was no longer in her bed. Kate ran back to the tapas bar, leaving the twins in their cots, and yelled “THEY’VE TAKEN MADELEINE!!”

Now. I’ve been told my threads are biased so I’m gonna do better to look at all options of what really happened here. There’s a few theories we’ll go over.
-an intruder
-a driver

So theory number one, an intruder.
Kate McCann said that when she arrived to the apartment at 10 pm she knew a crime had been committed because Madeleine had been put to sleep with her favorite stuffed animal named Cuddlecat and Cuddlecat had been moved out of Madeleine’s reach.

She didn’t think Madeleine had just wandered off without Cuddlecat and so she believed that this was an abduction.
Burglaries and robberies in the area in which the McCann’s were staying had increased four fold only a month prior to their visit to the resort.

So, it’s suspected that a burglar came in through the patio door (the one in which the parents had been checking through and where Madeleine was sleeping nearest to) and was robbing the place when Madeleine woke up so…he took her. This was supposedly the man on the beach.

It’s also suspected that Madeleine may have been abducted by a gang of paedophiles. Only a couple years prior to Madeleine’s disappearance, a ten year old girl was sexually assaulted by a paedophile gang in the same apartment complex the McCann’s were staying in.

On top of that, the day prior to Madeleine’s disappearance, two men were seen prowling the resort pretending to be charity collectors and going door to door trying to get guests to donate. They were spotted many times the day of the disappearance between 3:30pm and 5:30pm.

Finally, it’s speculated that Madeleine was taken by two blonde men that many people think were trying to find a child for a wealthy, infertile couple. These two men were seen walking around the resort many days and only spoke in Dutch. They were staying in the room above 5A.

If she was abducted, the man on the beach would be the biggest clue. If he did take her to the beach there could have been a fishing boat or just a privately owned boat that he took her onto with him and that would be the last thing ever to be seen of little Madeleine.

Next, the driver theory.
This theory suggest that Madeleine woke up and went to find her parents. She wandered out the patio door and into the streets of the resort. (This could also be a possible abduction theory).
While out Madeleine went into the main road and was struck.

The driver panicked and put her body into the car and drove off to hide it.
But, I don’t think there’s much depth to this theory because had Madeleine wandered off like that I imagine her fingerprints would be on the patio door or one of the 9 adults would have seen her.

Next there’s the murder theory. This theory suggests that Madeleine was murdered by her parents. This one is huge and many people believe that they really did murder her and if I have to be honest with you I kinda am leaning more towards this one.

I’m gonna incorporate a lot of the same evidence with this theory as the sold theory because a lot of the evidence contributes to both.
First the night of the disappearance, Kate said “THEY’VE TAKEN MADELEINE!”
Why would she make a statement like that?

When someone isn’t there you say “so and so is missing” not that they’ve been taken. Because how would she know? And why would she say they? That would imply that more than one person took her daughter.
Next, the McCann’s didn’t even search for Madeleine.

They searched the apartment, the beach, and around the Tapas bar and then went to sleep. They didn’t search again until 6 the next morning.
Kate reported Madeleine missing around 10pm but refused to answer the questions of authorities even after being told she was damaging the case.

This is what she said when an investigator asked her if she realised that by not cooperating she was hindering the process of finding her missing child.

The police decided to recreate the crime scene which is often done to figure out what it may have looked like when the crime occurred. Kate and Gerry McCann did not attend this reconstruction despite police asking them to.

Gerry claims he didn’t leave the dinner table at the tapas bar for longer than 5 minutes at a time
This was contradicted when one of his friends told police that Kate was “moaning about Gerry being gone for a long time watching the football game”
This means Gerry’s alibi was weak.

Speaking of alibi, around the time the man on the beach was spotted was when Kate found Madeleine missing. It’s not confirmed whether Gerry was at the tapas bar or not when she did this.
The family who saw the man on the beach say they are 80% sure the man was Gerry.

This is a digital sketch of what the family described the man to look like compared to a photo of Gerry.

The McCanns also lied to their friends back home in the UK. They told them the window in the apartment had been shattered and that Madeleine was taken through the window.
The McCann’s own lawyer had to come out and say that there was no evidence of there having been a break in.

A couple days after the disappearance, one of the McCann friends went to police and told them that she witnessed Gerry and his friend David Payne (who was also at the resort) having a discussion where they were talking very sexually and making sexual gestures about Madeleine.

The day after the disappearance, a CPS employee of England named Yvonne Martin called Kate and offered any help she could provide in finding Madeleine. Kate told Yvonne that her daughter was kidnapped by a couple despite no evidence of this.

Yvonne went to the McCann apartment as she was also on vacation in Portugal. She was speaking to them when David Payne started whispering in Gerry’s ear and ushered the McCanns back into the apartment while telling Yvonne they didn’t need her help.

Yvonne said she felt like she knew Payne and that through her career in child protective services she recognised him. She even wrote a letter to British Police saying she believes the parents were involved in the disappearance and asked that they look into David Payne.

Yvonne even claimed that David was wearing clothes similar to what the man on the beach was said to have been wearing.

A fund was set up for donations in helping to find Madeleine. This fund raised thousands of dollars.
The McCanns paid their mortgage with it.

On May 12, 2007, Madeleine’s fourth birthday, Kate wrote this in her book she published about the case:

Here’s a photo of the particular dinner she’s talking about:

On May 29th, 3 weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance the McCann couple went on a European tour to speak about Madeleine. They left their twins in the 5A apartment with a nanny.
Left them. In the same town Madeleine was abducted from.
Huh. Parenting 101 everybody.

On the tour, the McCann’s constantly rendered to Madeleine as “was”. Saying like “She was so sweet” “she was so perfect”
Was implies she’s no longer alive despite there being no evidence of her being dead. So why aren’t they saying “She IS perfect”?

Next, Cuddlecat. After Madeleine’s disappearance, Kate McCann was rarely ever seen without Madeleine’s favourite Cuddlecat. She said she kept because it had her daughter’s scent on it.

17 days before police brought canines to investigate the crime scene as well as Madeleine’s belongings, Kate washed Cuddlecat, destroying precious forensic evidence. Had Kate’s story about Cuddlecat being moved was true, she ruined any chance of finding the abductor’s scent.

Finally, the dogs. The police had one dog trained to sniff out blood and one trained to sniff out a body. The dog sniffed out blood on Madeleine’s toys, behind the apartment couch, in the bedroom, the wardrobe, the patio door, the rental car key, and the car itself.

The cadaver dog found the scent of death in the wardrobe, the patio, behind the couch, the steps leading down the patio, the bedroom, the back garden, two pieces of Kate’s clothing, one of Madeleine’s t-shirts, and EVEN to Cuddlecat.

And lastly, out of every car in a fully packed parking garage, the dogs only alerted to one. The McCann’s rental car. They found the scent of blood and of death in the trunk.

I ain’t even done yet bitch let me tell you about how they sold her into sex trafficking.

There’s huge speculation that Madeleine was simply a pawn to her parents. She was born and raised simply to be sold into trafficking. That Madeleine was groomed until she was the right age for a paedophile willing to pay big money to have her.

There’s interviews of Kate McCann speaking about how “round and compact” Madeleine was as a baby. In her book, she talks about Madeleine’s “perfect little genitals”.

And then in a home video that Gerry is recording he keeps zooming in on Madeleine and goes “ahh yes” and is like “smile for daddy” and makes Madeleine twirl around and keep smiling at him while he’s being so fucking creepy but I can’t find the video anywhere so fuck me right.

And police told Gerry and Kate NOT to release a photo of Madeleine with her eye deformity showing because if she was kidnapped, her unique mark might scare her abductor into killing her because she was easy to identify.

But, what did they do? Make this the poster for her case. Right with the black rectangle on her iris. And Gerry even was caught talking about how the photo was a “good marketing ploy”.

Now here’s the big thing. A famous chef by the name of Sir Clement Freud lived in the island, not far from the resort where the McCanns were staying. Not a big deal. Until you find out he’s a fucking paedophile.

Here’s the distance between his home and the resort:

Okay so why is that such a big deal, paedophiles live everywhere right?
Well two months after Madeleine went missing, Gerry and Kate McCann went to his house and had dinner with him.
They were invited again but weren’t allowed to go because they were now suspects in the case.

What I think happened is that the McCann’s planned this but not very carefully. They invited all their other rich friends and their families to come on vacation with them to this resort near their customer, the chef, so that the high amount of kids would act as camouflage.

So they could pull the whole “oh there’s so many kids sometimes a mom forgets who’s who lol”
so this way when or if Madeleine disappeared, they could play it off as not being able to watch your kid 24/7.

Then, they went to the Tapas Bar, and gave the chef the signal to make the payment and go into their apartment to do as he pleased to Madeleine. But, he got too heated, and murdered her.

So they said “don’t worry about it we got it” and cleaned up the chef’s mess, even if it meant they had to hide her body in the wardrobe while everyone searched for her. And when they had a coast is clear moment they put her in the car and dumped her.

And the reason Gerry was gone so long “watching football” was cause he was cleaning up the chef’s mess and when he returned, Kate left and then returned making a scene to set up the idea that Madeleine had been taken.

The other theory I thought of was maybe all the friends were in on it. Sort of a “Get Out” concept where they auction off their children to predators and then return home with some money. But, this time, a predator got too rough and killed Madeleine. And now they’re all hiding it.

Besides the one who sold out David to try and save her own ass.

And that’s that – crazy stuff huh? Like I said the idea that Madeleine’s parents were involved in her abduction has been around since day one, but seeing all those details really just reiterates what a massive possibility it is. And to think the case is still receiving hundreds of thousands of £££ in funding in addition to the millions already spent. Unbelievable.

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