Madeleine McCann Suspect Taken To Hospital In Chains After Ribs Broken In Cell

Probably deserved it.

With everything that’s going on in 2020, I had kinda forgotten that the authorities had identified a suspect in the Madeleine McCann disappearance as some weird German guy who was already a convicted sex offender and currently locked up in prison in Kiel for drug offences – but it looks like some people definitely haven’t let this information slip.

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43 year old Christian Brueckner is currently serving a 21 month sentence but was transported from the jail to Braunschweig district court for a parole hearing on Monday. However, 40 minutes after arriving at the court he was photographed being escorted from the premises with both his hands and feet shackled and wearing a mask, with reports saying that he was being taken to hospital after two of his ribs had been broken.

It’s unclear at this point how Brueckner injured his ribs, with his defence lawyer claiming that he was injured by court officials and insisting he would be pursuing a claim against them. Officers present are instead saying that he fell over whilst waiting in a cell downstairs. Seems pretty obvious which version of those events is probably correct to me, but I doubt there’s any proof either way of what actually happened down there.

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Anyway, a court spokesman said the following about the incident:

The exact sequence of events is now the subject of investigation.

Against this background, we cannot comment on the details.

Convenient. Apparently a prison guard also told medics that the injuries were the result of a riot in the cells, so it really does seem like anything could have happened during this incident. Who knows?

It seems fairly obvious to me that Brueckner was probably targeted by whoever because of his connection to the McCann case and beaten up though, right? That’s the kind of stuff that happens when prisoners get transferred and there’s a lot of beef surrounding them hey? At least it does in all the TV shows.

Seems slightly unfair that Brueckner is getting beat up for being named as a person of interest when prosecutors have even said that they don’t have enough evidence to charge the guy – do you know how many people have been named in the case over the past twenty years? – but I suppose his past as a sex offender does gloss over that a little bit. Still.

For more of the same, check out the hunt for Bruckener’s underage Kosovan girlfriend. That’s not creepy at all is it?


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