Macklemore Made A Diss Track About Trump Leaving Office & It’s Really, Really Bad


Most people are relieved that Donald Trump is finally out of office, but the last thing anyone wanted was for the same old celebrities to start getting involved and ruining everything like they always do, for example the ‘Imagine’ video after COVID hit and the “inspirational” ‘I Take Responsibility’ video following the death of George Floyd last year.

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Well it looks like Macklemore didn’t get the memo on that one, as he released a Donald Trump diss track to celebrate Trump leaving office yesterday:

Cringe. Central.

Here’s the general reaction on Twitter:

Will celebrities ever learn? Doubt it. Pretty annoying that they think they have something to do with politics by “using their platform”, when really what most people would appreciate from them is if they went and donated some money or something. Other than that, just stay out of it. Reminds me of that Dave Chappelle bit where he makes fun of the MSM for asking Ja Rule his thoughts on 9/11 the day after it happened.

The part I really don’t get about Macklemore’s freestyle though is how he says he’s “risking it all” by dissing Trump and might lose a lot of fans for doing so. Um yeah dude, sharing the same opinion as the mainstream media and everyone in your industry is so risky! Come on now.

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