Cheated On Boyfriend Gets Rapper Mac Lethal To Make Best Ever Break Up Song For Him

Mac Lethal Break Up Rap

She cheated on him with 6 of his buddies. Ouch.

If you find out that your girlfriend of five years has cheated on you with six of your buddies, then you’re probably going to pretty devastated about it and not really know how to react.

That’s not true of Darryl from Ohio though, who knew exactly what to do – he hit up rapper Mac Lethal to help write him a break up rap – here’s what he sent him:

Dear Mac — Today I found out my girlfriend Nicole is cheating on me. How I found out was a little weird. I found a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios in the sink. The thing is, she doesn’t eat f***ing gluten.

I got suspicious and broke into her Facebook account while she was at the Taylor Swift concert, and discovered that she’s cheated on me with 6 different guys! Please make a video that I can send to her as my way of breaking up with her.

Darryl from Ohio


Mac Lethal did the rest. If you want to know what your cereal says about you, click here.


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