Luxembourg Has Become The First Country To Make Public Transport Free


What an absolutely sick idea.

If you ask anyone what the worst things about living in the UK are, I’m sure a whole bunch of them would say how shit and ho0w expensive the public transport service is for us, especially the rail services. They’re a complete and utter joke and the prices just keep going up and up with no sense of the trains ever running on time for an extended periods of time.

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So it’s pretty damn refreshing and rage inspiring to hear that Luxembourg of all places has today decided that they’re going to make all public transport within their country completely free of charge. The idea comes courtesy of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who recently won a tightly contested election and was sworn in on December 5th.


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From the summer of 2019, all fares on trains, buses and trams will become non existent and everyone will have unlimited access to all public transport which sounds just wonderful. This isn’t the only completely sick policy that Bettel is running on either, as he’s also considering legalising cannabis and introducing two more public holidays to the Luxembourg calendar.

Basically Bettel sounds like a complete chiller and is probably the first politician I’ve heard of in a long time who actually wants to pursue policies that are actually going to make his citizens happy. Hopefully he manages to implement them without too much trouble and raising taxes dramatically etc and all the other countries of the world follow through. I mean I know that’s never going to happen, but a guy can dream, right?

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