Luminous Pink Slugs Found In Australia

Slugs have never been and never will be cute. But these Australian hot pink slugs are doing their very best to get noticed.

The question of why these slugs have only recently become documented is down to two things really. One: they are pretty remote and two: most people in Australia only like koala bears and kangaroos. Malacologists (studiers of molluscs) are much rarer. That’s today’s new word for me to try and remember. Malacologist. Say it along with me: “Malacologist”. OK? Remember it? Nope…. It’s already gone, oh well, probably not going to come up in conversation any time soon is it?

The pink slug isn’t the only weird thing in the Mount Kaputar forests, they’ve got three species of cannibal snail that prey on smaller molluscs too. I don’t think they go for humans yet though. Here he is.

Kaputar - Australia - Nandewar Cannibal Snail

Ecologists fear that this unique ecosystem is probably pretty delicate, and a temperature change of just a degree or two could probably change the whole look of the place. So our brand new, bright pink slime ball may have its days numbered, so lets enjoy them while we can. Go on, give it a kiss.

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