Luka Magnotta’s Mother Says That The Third Mysterious Hand In Cat Video Belongs To Manny

Come on now.

By now I’m fairly certain that everyone who has clicked on this will have watched ‘Don’t F*ck With Cats’ as it was pretty much the most binge watched Netflix show over the Christmas period (yes, even more than You Season 2), so I’m gonna assume that for the duration of this article. In case you don’t get what that means, it means there are going to be spoilers.

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OK, so one of the slightly more puzzling angles during the documentary is that Luka’s mother clearly believes his bizarre excuse that someone called Manny forced him to murder all the cats and Jun Lin, despite the fact that there’s literally no evidence that this guy even exists and he’s also a character from Luka’s favourite movie ‘Basic Instinct’. You can kind of guess that she’s so blinded with love for her son that she can’t believe that he’s a twisted psychopath so believes the story that he’s spinning, but even so it’s a bit ludicrous of her to blame everything on this guy.

It tuns out that Anna Yourkin is doubling down on this theory following the release of the show though, after speaking to TMZ and saying the following:

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In the cat killing video, there’s a third hand you can see.

So, there’s my son’s two hands and there’s a third hand. So, you can’t see a face, so it’s unidentifiable – but, Manny was there.

My son had phoned me and told me. So, I’m assuming that that hand is Manny Lopez’s hand.

The police should start investigating. They have it right there, they can take a look, they can do something.

I had a document folder in my inbox, this is before the crime happened, and he had sent me a picture of Manny and the police seized my computer so they have the picture of Manny.

I brought it up several times to my local police department that I needed my accounts back, but they were all closed off and Interpol was not willing to release what they found.

I mean it’s grasping a bit isn’t it? Why would this Manny guy even want Luka to do any of the things that he made him do – there’s surely no real advantage in any of it? And even if he did exist how the hell has nobody been able to track him down or identify him, especially if they have a photograph of him?

Not really buying it at all, but hey if she believes it I hope she manages to gather enough evidence and prove me wrong. It doesn’t really seem like Luka is too bothered about it though.

For more of the same, check out what Luka thinks about his prison setup right now. Seems like he’s loving it.


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