Luis Figo is the latest in a long line of footballers to star in stupid adverts.

This might have been on TV for a really long time, or it might not have been, I don’t know because I don’t have a TV. You know, the TV can eat your soul if you’re not careful. So yeah sorry if everyone has just been having a massive LOL at it for a while and I’m just an idiot. But then I guess what’s new?

Anyway, this rules. Grounding itself firmly in every television advert to feature a footballer ever, it’s completely stupid and ridiculous and the dialogue spoken by the footballer is hilarious. This time it’s the turn of Figo – Portuguese legend/superstar – who clearly now spends his time hanging out in bars with dodgy looking faux Portuguese men and wearing stupid tracksuits.

The cool thing about this bar though is that when you’re watching football on the TV, sometimes the players in the TV can see you and kick the ball out of the TV right at you! Maybe this only happens if you’re Luis Figo, but still it sounds like a pretty good gimmick for a bar right. And of course, Figo, being the consumate professional that he is even now simply controls the ball on his chest and volleys it back into the TV and into the goal! What a shot! Think how hard it must be not only to kick a ball into a TV but also into the goal that’s on that TV. What a legend.

I’m not really sure how that whole part is helping to advertise Head and Shoulders but I guess it’s more for the WOW factor. There’s a science part in the advert where it explains the science behind Head and Shoulders and how Figo isn’t going to let the greys beat him, but nobody really cares about that part or pays attention. Is anyone going to buy Head and Shoulders because of this advert? Probably not but it’s still pretty lolz. I thought Figo looked good with a few Cloons as well anyhow.


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