Watch This Joker Try To Skateboard Before Getting Absolutely Schooled By A Pro


Have some respect dude.

Back in the day pretty much everyone had a skateboard, but that didn’t mean everyone was good on it. In fact, most people completely sucked and only carried a skateboard around to try and look cool and pick up chicks rather than for shredding up skate parks.

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However, even despite the fact that they were never any good, there are still those people out there who can’t help but jump on a board when they see one out and about. The clown in the video below is bothering some pro skaters and asks if he can use their board, only to be so embarrassing when he gets on it that it really does make you wonder what he was hoping to achieve by getting on it in the first place.

His misery is only compounded when Ishod Wair grabs the board after him and proceeds to effortlessly nail a trick in the exact same spot:

So slick. That’s what it’s all about – he doesn’t even need to carry a skateboard around to look cool, he can just nail a trick like that whenever he wants. What an absolute killer.

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