Natasha Bedingfield Goes Viral Because People Can’t Believe How Big Her ‘Wagon’ Is

The internet has just discovered Natasha Bedingfield’s meat wagon.

Natasha Bedingfield’s biggest hit ‘Unwritten’ has been turned into the latest dance craze on TikTok, and the legend herself has joined in on the fun with this clip of herself dancing to a remix of the 2004 classic:

The main takeaway from the video appeared to be the internet discovering that Natasha Bedingfield has been packing some serious butt cheeks all these years. How come nobody ever noticed this before?


Indeed, it turns out she always did have that wagon. Who knew?

How does Natasha Bedingfield feel about her booty going viral in 2021? Pretty good, actually:

Gotta love it. So good to see an absolutely fire song go re-viral too. Feels like a lot of people have been closeted ‘Unwritten’ fans all these years and so it’s good to finally be able to come clean and admit it. What a jam. Probably gonna make another $1m off it this week too. Go Natasha Go!

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