Ludacris Has The Most Ridiculously Obvious CGI Abs In His Latest Music Video

Absolutely ridiculous.

In a move that’s even more preposterous than the time Donald Trump had his tiny hands photoshopped to look bigger, Ludacris has tried to get away with CGI abs in the video for his new music video ‘Vitamin D’.

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Just get a load of the first 20 seconds:

Let’s take a closer look:



In fact that might not even be CGI – it looks so bad it might even be a fake muscle suit. I mean I get that he wants to hide his flabby stomach, but then he probably should have CGI’d this part as well:

So while no one’s really talking about Ludacris’s pot belly, they are talking about the fact he had the worst CGI abs of all time in his music video. Not sure which is worse to be honest.

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