Everyone Thinks Donald Trump Is Editing Photos To Make His Hands Look Bigger

Donald trump hands

Wouldn’t put it past him.

We all know that Donald Trump is as insecure as they come – hence why he wanted this picture of his double chin eradicated from the internet forever.

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Whether it’s proof of Trump’s pettiness or simply the internet being speculative as always, people on Twitter are debating whether Trump has been Photoshopping images to make his hands look bigger. Ever since he got called out for having tiny hands (and we all know what that means), he has been trying to fight his corner and deny that he has a tiny penis.

The recent Twitter debate began when author Dana Schwartz took a close look at an image of Trump with Barack Obama in front of a helicopter. As you can see, the image on the left seems to show Trump with a larger hand:

Trump tweet

The original image is even more telling:

Trump hand 1

Another Twitter user pointed out that Trump appears to be slimmer and more in shape in the left picture too. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to touch up his physique too.

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Did he do it? Did Trump order for his hands to be edited to look bigger? As said, I wouldn’t be surprised. This is Donald Trump – the pettiest human being on earth who is suffering from severe malignant narcissism. Anything is possible.


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