The Dumbest TV Moment In History Has Taken Place On Love Island (VIDEO)

Prepare to lose a few brain cells.

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the first ever winter edition of Love Island, but I have checked in with someone who has and can confirm this clip is an actual conversation that took place on the show.

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It actually aired on ITV2 a couple days ago but it’s just so mind-blowing we had to share it for those who missed it. 

Just get a load of this:

Riveting, wonderful, thought provoking stuff. I mean you could genuinely have a better conversation with a four year old. “It’s the freshest number… like you know when a number is so pure”… WTF? Can’t believe people actually watch this shite. 

Although, just to give this girl the benefit of the doubt, maybe she’s got synesthesia and doesn’t know it?

Oh well, at least she’s passionate about something – even if it is just the number 11. FFS…

And there we were thinking the dumbest TV moment of 2020 had already taken place on Celebrity Mastermind. The 20s are off to a great start, clearly.


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