The Dumbest TV Clip Of The Decade Has Already Happened

Get a load of this.

The 2010s have only just finished and we’re now into the roaring 20s and it looks as thought we’re already setting the bar incredibly high with dumb viral videos that are going crazy thanks to this offering from an episode of Mastermind.

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You should probably just watch it because these things are always better when you don’t have someone explaining them to you:

Lol. I might have some sympathy with her if Greta Thunberg hadn’t literally been by far and away one of the most famous people in the world last year, but even if you allow her that to come up with the answer of the most non Swedish name ever in Sharon is just too good.

In fairness she was really quick out of the blocks with her answer so maybe she was just saying something stupid so she could get onto the next question that she might have been able to answer correctly, but even so this is gonna come back and probably haunt her for the rest of her life. Unlucky pal.

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