Here Are Ten Stories About People Who Won The Lottery And Then Completely Messed It Up

King Of Chavs

Some more stories about dumb people being completely stupid to make you feel better about yourself.

We’ve featured stories about people who have won the lottery before and completely and utterly messed it up and been left penniless before, but it never hurts to hear some more and make you feel better about your own life does it?

Seriously, if you’re reading this and watching this video and miraculously win the lottery you’ve got to promise not to spend it all on crack cocaine or gamble it all away. That seriously is the lowest of the low ad just completely and utterly stupid. Let this be a warning, as well as an amusing way to kill five minutes marvelling at how people can be so mind numbingly dumb.

The absolute best part of this video is undoubtedly when the narrator pronounces chav as ‘chafe’ though. How could you think that was how you said it?

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