Here’s The First Picture Of The Battered £33Million Lottery Ticket Accidentally Put In Washing Machine

There’s really no coming back from this.

No one on the planet right now is losing more sleep than Susanne Hinte fom Worcester. If you hadn’t heard, the 48-year-old reckons this ticket she accidentally put in the wash with her jeans is a £33 Million Lotto Rollover winner, which another jammy couple also scooped the other week.

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Well, that image above is the first picture of the ticket in question. It shows a tear where the date on the ticket would have been and other details such as the barcode and millionaire raffle code have been wiped out.

All that remains visible on the ticket are the winning numbers from the record-breaking January 9 draw — 26, 27, 46, 47, 52 and 58.


Susanne claims she bought the ticket from Ambleside News in Worcester; a location which the Lotto people confirmed a winning ticket was sold. Susanne has sent the ticket to Camelot and is waiting to find out if she will be awarded the prize.


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Remember the story about the guy who was murdered only weeks after winning the Lottery? I would honestly rather be him than Susanne Hinte right now. I mean obviously you don’t want either of those things to happen to you but if I had to choose between getting murdered after winning the Lottery or accidentally destroying my winning Lottery ticket — shoot me to death every time. How do you carry on living after winning £33 million and then washing it all away? I don’t think I would ever get a peaceful night’s sleep ever again.

If only she checked her pockets before doing her laundry. She’d be living the mansion life right now. At least the dude who got killed has a family who can still enjoy the money. Susanne better hope and pray that Camelot come through for her on this one.


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