7 People Who Fucked Up Big Time After Winning The Lottery


Money really can buy you happiness, it’s a fact. But it can also bring you misery. Here’s how to avoid the latter…

4) Beware Greed

Lottery Winner Fails - Americo Lopes

I like to think I’m not a particularly greedy person, greed takes effort and I’m too lazy. But I guess when there’s a lot of money at stake people can change. Americo Lopes quit his job on a construction site one day, telling his colleagues that he needed foot surgery. No one thought anything was particularly odd about that and they waved him off.

A little way down the line Lopes told colleagues that he’d won big on the lottery, more than $30 million. Colleagues were initially chuffed for him, but when one of his ex-co-workers checked the official lottery website things started looking a little dodgy. Lopes and his workmates always pooled money and bought tickets together under the proviso that they’d share the winnings. It turned out Lopes had ducked the deal, trying to pretend he had bought the ticket later than he actually had to avoid sharing the winnings.

What a git.

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