Insane Thread On Lotta Volkova: The Stylist Behind Balenciaga’s Ads Depicting Child Abuse, Satanism And Cannibalism


Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga received immense backlash last week following an ad campaign involving young children holding bondage teddy bears, with one photo also featuring a poorly-hidden legal document on a child pornography case. Seriously suspect sh-t indeed.

The internet quickly ‘cancelled’ the brand, resulting in Balenciaga wiping their entire social media history, and announcing they were investigating “the parties responsible for creating the set”. It’s now been revealed that this person is a famous stylist named Lotta Volkova, who has been working with Balenciaga since 2014 and has ties to accused paedophiles. Here’s an illuminating thread on Volkova courtesy of Twitter user curioslight:

Well, that was some thread. I’m not too much of a conspiracy theory kinda guy but it’s hard to ignore what’s going on here, especially as it involves children and networks of extremely powerful and influential people in the fashion industry. The question is – how and why does this stuff get published in the first place? Balenciaga are playing dumb but at the end of the day, they have final say over any images published. You don’t just hire and photographer or stylist and get them to sort it all out without it being signed off by someone higher up in the company.

Meanwhile, Balenciaga icon Kim Kardashian has put out this statement:

Seems like she’s willing to carry on her business relationship with the brand as long as they ‘don’t do it again’ or something. We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out. Absolute PR nightmare for Balenciaga in any case. Respect to the eagled-eyed people out there who picked up on all of this and called it out publicly.

Meanwhile, check out Balenciaga’s new $1,800 crisp packet bags. Full of bright ideas, aren’t they?


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