Racists Across The World Are Losing It Over The Miss Helsinki 2017 Winner

Who knew that one little pageant could cause so much controversy?

19-year-old Sephora Iklaba was crowned Miss Helsinki this week and wrote a long post on Instagram thanking her friends, family and followers for their support.

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The celebrations didn’t really go to plan however after furious internet trolls took issue with her victory because a) she was born in Nigeria, not Finland and b) they don’t think she was good-looking enough to win anyway.


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Here’s the sort of reaction she’s dealing with:

There doesn’t seem to be any footage of this pageant which is a shame as maybe Sephora absolutely bossed it on stage which could help people understand why she won. Maybe all the other girls were absolutely terrible on stage and that’s why they lost. There could be several reasons why Sephora won Miss Helsinki 2017, but as we learnt with the US Presidential election people are fed up with political correctness these days, and the idea that Sephora won BECAUSE she’s black seems to be driving some people crazy.

But hey, a victory is a victory so congratulations to Sephora. Very impressive when you consider this girl came in at #2:

Better luck next time Vivianna.

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