Lose Yourself In Noah Bradley’s Epic Sci-Fi Art

Noah Bradley will take your brain to a place you’d rather not visit.

Noah Bradley is a highly skilled artist from Virginia who absolutely loves sci-fi landscapes. He’s worked on the likes of Magic: The Gathering and The Sin of Man project. Loved by geeks and artists alike, his stuff is fully immersive and pretty darned bleak in places.

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When Bradley started out he wanted to be a game programmer primarily, but he enjoyed the challenge of painting so got stuck wholeheartedly into that. His earlier card work was oil based, but as technology has moved on he has switched to using digital media. Noah’s all over social media and he seems like a pretty down to earth guy:

The real Noah Bradley is just another kid who loves making stuff. I love creating pictures people respond to, telling stories people relate to, and creating content people can learn from. That’s what I’m all about. Anything beyond that is probably a byproduct of my interest in entrepreneurship and marketing. I can come across as a little over eager. Most likely because I am.

Bradley’s stuff is a little bit good. Click the next arrows and nip through these magnificent panoramas of alien lands:

Noah-Bradley - A-Place-To-Call-Home

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