Modern Art Piece ‘Black Boy Pissin’ In A White Man’s Mouth’ Is Taking The Art World By Storm

Most interesting piece of art we’ve seen all year.

I don’t claim to know anything about art, but I do know that LA painter Henry Taylor’s ‘Black Boy Pissin’ In A White Man’s Mouth’ is a great piece of art work by anyone’s standards.

The piece obviously has a highly charged Ferguson/Baltimore riots vibe behind it.  It’s currently on show at the Foundation University Gallery in New York as part of the ‘Noah Davis and the Underground Museum’ exhibition:

Noah Davis

Image VIA

Not sure how to analyse it beyond the Ferguson/Baltimore/racial tensions angle but surely there’s something to be said about the kid in the background as well reaching into a cupboard and not even watching what’s happening? Maybe someone who has the slightest clue about art can help?

P.S. You have to wonder what the reaction would be if someone painted a white guy pissing into a black guy’s mouth (spoiler = outrage). But then again art SHOULD outrage people. It should push boundaries and make controversial points, and this painting does that in spades. Best piece of art I’ve seen since that dude drenched people in honey and took photos of them.


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