Lori Nix Creates Miniature Disaster-Scapes That Look Completely Epic

Disasters never looked so inviting.

Lori Nix is a different type of photographer. She makes natural disasters look somehow beautiful. She’s based in Brooklyn NY and she builds tiny-weeny film sets on her coffee table at home and takes pictures of them. In itself that doesn’t sound particularly cool, but in reality it actually is.

Lori painstakingly creates scenes of destruction and carnage. And somehow, despite them being postapocalyptic, they sort of make you want to crawl on into them. Gulliver on shrooms, basically.

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Here’s what Lori has to say about her work:

I am interested in depicting danger and disaster, but I temper this with a touch of humor. My childhood was spent in a rural part of the United States that is known more for it’s natural disasters than anything else. I was born in a small town in western Kansas, and each passing season brought it’s own drama, from winter snow storms, spring floods and tornados to summer insect infestations and drought. Whereas most adults viewed these seasonal disruptions with angst, for a child it was considered euphoric. Downed trees, mud, even grass fires brought excitement to daily, mundane life.

Her scenery is incredible, she must be one patient lady. Check out some of these amazing hand built scenes of weirdness, and remember these are actually the size of a doll’s house and not real at all. So clever:

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Lori Nix - Classroom

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